Why doesn't he ever want to take a break?

My bf and i have only been dating for 10 months. We probably fight more then most couples dating this long. I have trust issues because of guys in the past and sometimes my bf will flirt with girls. Which he tells me he doesn't and i just think he flirts with them because I don't trust him. Well I get sick of the way he treats me sometimes because he can be a jerk. But his dad and brother are like that too. Sometimes he can be loving which I don't know how he can be loving one day and a jerk the next. I've asked him if he wanted to take a break and he always says no. But sometimes I feel like he doesn't wanna be with me because of the way he acts. Sometimes we will be out and he won't really talk to me much when before when we first started dating he was all loving no matter where we were. Why doesn't he want to take a break but yet leaves me wondering if he wants to be with me? Also he has said he wants to be with me forever and have a kid with me.


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  • Ahhh! Welcome to the world of love relationships! Your's has just exited the 'Honeymoon' phase. lol ;D Welcome to Chapter 2. Oh what do you do since he's not bringing you flowers anymore? Bahaha! Hate to say it Sweets, but there's nothing wrong here! What you're experiencing is life itself! ENJOY! Yeah, I know... ya thought you'd be in blissful love forever (don't we all) but then the sun comes up again and again and again, lol. Wait'll 10 years have gone by and/or (as Chris Rock says) "ya wanna stab him in the neck with a pencil!" ;D This is totally normal in relationships and nothing you can really do about it. Well, except ya can take a break as that sometimes will work at bringing the passion back. Although, sometimes it can backfire... you think he flirts with girls now? :/ Should you find that you're just not happy then do something about it... what that is I can't tell you as it's different for all of us who become to 'used' to the relationship we're in. Watch The Honeymooners... that's always to good, lol. ;D