Can guys tell if the girl liked him or not on the first date?

What signs based on behavior, actions, body language, or words (or any other indicators) would make a guy think the girl likes him on the first date or not?

What would make a guy think she doesn't like him?


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  • smiling a lot, laughing even at the worst jokes, if she touches my arm or so, steady eye contact, if she talks a lot (like at least 50% of the conversation). positive, not hesitant reaction to "i would like to meed you again"

  • A girl was stretching her arms out an all of a sudden very lightly put her hand on my upper thigh but I can't remember if she touched squeezed or rubbed my thigh because it happened awhile ago an she never brought it up so I'm still not sure if it was on purpose or on accident. So the best advice I can give is if u decide to do something like what that girl did to me let him know exactly what u mean by it or else he'll end up like me confused an curious it sucks


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