Do you think it's rude to not reply to someone's thought out message?

do you think it's rude to not reply to someone's thought out message? I'm specifically talking about online dating, where you write out a message and they never even bother to reply back
and when they don't write back it's frustrating


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  • Set up a fake dating account as a woman and you'll understand why they don't reply to every one who sends a message. When you open an account you get hundreds within an hour and each day you get a hundred or so more all saying the same stuff. It's not about rudeness it's that replying to everyone is exhausting and creates hundreds more replies back

    • Oh I see thanks for telling me your point of view, I can see now that going through tons of emails can be exhausting and that's why you can't read them all

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  • Why write back if not interested. I see its the polite thing to do, but its a waste if its not leading anywhere

    • it would just be thoughtful to let the person know where they stand, after they took the time to write out a long message, I just prefer reply's to no reply's the way I see it is just polite

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    • srry I must of read it wrong it came off as sounding different, like why write back if it's leading to know where

    • I said that as well and that's what I meant, and I also said I can see your point because its the polite thing to do.

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  • It might be the polite thing to do, but I would never feel entitled to it. It just is what it is...