So I meet this server girl who seemed interesting but she found out about other girl I like?

I meet her this week at golf course in town , never seen her before and its a very small town , but she seems interesting and might be single and might of been interested a bit I felt.
but there is another girl I know that also works at golf course and when I went over to talk to her she saw and now she knows that I liked the other girl and likely thinks only reason I even went to golf course was to see her.
so not sure if there is any point in trying to get to know her now or if maybe all 3 of us could be friends


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  • No you can't you Greedy person

    • yeah but I'm not even sure if girl I went there to see wants to date me or if she'll even consider idea , this other girl had some potential but could be awkward to date her as she'd spend a lot of time with other girl at work and she might be annoyed I was trying to date her co-worker

    • Really who cares go for want and maybe you'll get lucky

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  • Smh...just hate guys like you


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