I have two best freinds one is a guy one is a girl. And they are dating. And I really like her but he's my best freind what should I do?

Ok so my friend and his girlfriend are my bestfriends but i starting to like her what should i do.


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  • There is nothing you can do about it. They like each other and decided to go out. You have to decide whether to try and get over her, tell your guy friends how you feel about her (won't do any good), tell her how you feel (might do something if she thought you would never like her back and she secretly use to have a crush on you), or wait until they break up then gradually start flirting with her and being more affectionate.

    But seriously, I wouldn't interfere. I've liked a guy before and also had another guy friend who I was close to (never knew he liked me all this time) and when I got over the other guy, realizing he would never like me, I began crushing on the guy who secretly liked me. Now after half of year of being close and getting particularly flirty all the time, I asked him if he liked me, where he finally said yes!

    I've known him for 5 years and only this year has anything ever happened between us. You are still under 18, so who knows what can happen in the future? I'm 18 right now by the way and he and I are both Yr 12. Best year ever :) So wait it out, and don't interfere with them!

    • thanks so much just didn't know what to do. And i didn't wanna ask anyone tht i know.

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    • no we talk the same amount.

    • That's very good. Some girls almost completely ditch their friends when they get into a relationship. Your friendship must mean a lot to her.

  • Sucks but you gotta let her go you don't want to lose a great friends if you decide to go for her and it turns around and bites you in the ass and if lets say she feels the same way about it you would lose your best guy friend and he'd see that as a betrayal. Sorry if I'm being harsh about it but it would be a bit of a dick move too move in on your best friends girl.


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