Girl "supposedly" likes me but thinks going out would be weird?

I met this girl through a mutual friend who is also a girl. I've hung out with the girl a couple times a week the past few weeks and made out with her the one time. She told my friend (just friends, she dates my friend) that I'm her ideal guy that she'd want to marry. But when I asked if she wanted to get dinner one time, she said that she though that would be weird.

I know this girl gets around and maybe she doesn't want a relationship. She doesn't know I know what she told my friend. I just find it odd that she thinks that highly of me, has made out with me and thinks I'm good looking but doesn't want to even go out on a date.

My friend said it might be because she feels uncomfortable saying yes until she talk her. We live a ways from one another so it makes sense and she's just finishing her senior year of college so I don't blame her if she just wants to have fun.

It just baffled me a lot because my friend who is close to her was convinced she liked me. I was just gonna try and go for it next time we hang out but who knows. Just asking for tips.


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  • maybe she thinks you are too good for her or maybe she does not like you that way - the possibilities are endless - well not really, but just ask her again and if she still denies it just move on


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