Would it be a good idea to ask her out?

I know her family well because my family knows them well, i like her but I don't know if she likes me, she's out of my league admittedly, I mean I'm (not to be cocky) pretty good looking, but not in the same league as her. When I text her she replies every time, but delayed. Like my friend said, she's probably busy and has stuff to do. Should I ask her out? And if so what do I say if I get rejected?

She's also not the most interesting of texters when she texts me


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  • You seem to lack a bit of confidence and despite being a good-looking guy you fear rejection. You think she's out of your league, but is that just your imagination? Girls want guys to ask them out, especially good-looking guys. She is responding to your texts a bit slow because she may not want to seem too eager, but responding to your texts indicates she is receptive to you. Girls love it when guys pursue them.

    Ask her out for a Starbucks or maybe a movie. You will know what to say because you will have written a whole script of simple, inoffensive conversation to keep her talking about herself (as girls love to do). Whatever she says, you will have some response to keep the conversation going in a pleasant way. If you get nervous, take a deep breath and lower your voice. Smile, eye contact. Nod yes or no as she speaks. Agree with everything she says. It's that simple.

    What you should be concerned about is not rejection but what happens if you start seeing her regularly, when relationships really get emotionally complicated. Your present fear of rejection would seem trivial then. For now though, you have to learn through experience to anticipate rejection and overcome it because you will have many girlfriends in the future.


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  • Not much to lose. Politely let her know you're into her and maybe just start by asking her on a date instead of asking for a relationship, so she can get to know you better (and also she's less likely to reject you for a date than a relationship).

    • How do I let her know I'm in to her?

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    • Okay thanks, but if I do happen to get rejected how do I react?

    • dont take it personally first off. if she says no or i dont like you, just say "okay thats fine, just thought i'd ask" or anything along those lines

  • Ask her casually about a newly released movie, or fav band's concert or ur favor coffee shop. Don't make it sound like or asking out. In case if she says no then don't show ur disappointed n say ull go with ur other friends


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  • go for it man, if worst comes to worse you can go back to being friends, since you are already so close already.