Guy "friend" confirms relationship?

Last night we went out with another friend. As the waitress came and asked about the bill she assumed a two way split between the guys, which I rarely allow him to pay for my dinner. As she leaves the other friend with us comments "what a cute couple." So my "friend" laughs and says no, but quickly turns to me and says "joking, just kidding". So did he confirm a relationship because all night we were talking about how people are friends and how suddenly some just go away and he never said "our friendship" (about me and him) but always said "our relationship"?


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  • I depends on what your history is with him. Have you guys out together before? Were you just friends before and this is the first time he's said something about you being together? The context of your relationship with this guy is important for what the comment means.

    That being said, guys generally have a hard time expressing their feelings, so he may have just been trying to judge your reaction to saying you were a couple without going through the awkwardness of talking to you about your status. If you really want to know, you may just want to ask him casually in conversation what he meant by his comment last night.

    • Yes. We have been out before. Usually it is just is going out. We talk everyday no matter if it's just to say morning. This is not just a new friend. I've known him for years.

    • I would say in that case there is a decent chance he either already considers you in a relationship, or he would like you two to be a couple. Talking him would be best to figure this out, but if you want to have some fun with it, you could introduce him as your boyfriend or something once just to see what he does. It would be easy enough to play off as a joke if he takes it badly, but a good indicator if it doesn't seem to phase him.

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