Does he like me or not? Could really use some advice guys, this one is driving me crazy?

I've recently become reacquainted with a guy I met 9 years ago.. I found him on Facebook and we got talking to which he openly admitted that he had a crush on me back when we first met.
We were flirting back and forth (mostly instigated by him.)
He then asked if I'd like to meet up to catch up one night so I met him at a quiet bar and we had a lovely evening of conversation and reminiscence.. He then offered to drive me home which I thought was really nice and after an awkward moment of silence in the car I said my goodbyes and just as I was about to leave his car he pulled me back and kissed me quite passionately.
I was in absolute awe, see I also liked this guy all those years ago and after the kiss I was certain my feeling hadn't changed and that I still really found him attractive.

During the evening we went out he asked if I'd ever been engaged etc.. And I said yes but it didn't work out and he started saying he's never been close to marriage and the one girl he thought he had a future with ruined his life..

Anyway back to it, after the kiss in his car we spoke online again but things didn't seem the same.. He started blowing me off and when I flirted with him like he had done before we met up he changed the subject.
Fed up I asked him where I stand and he said for the moment it's best we stay friends because it was getting intense too quickly and he doesn't like to rush things.. This confused me because it was him who started flirting with me in the first place and it was him that kissed me.

Since then he's been sending me little messages saying how he wished I didn't work so much etc..

I gave him the benefit of the doubt and arranged to meet him again and the night before our date he said he'd forgotten about a work function he was attending and that he has to cancel with me.
I said that's fine and does he want to rearrange to which he avoided answering and now he's changed the subject

If he's not interested why did he kiss me and flirt?


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  • He's interested, but it sounds like he doesn't want a relationship right now.

    • Do you think I should just stop trying and just go back to beings friends with this guy?
      Thank you for the advice.

    • From the sound of it, that is probably the best course of action. If you like him and would like to date him, talking to him about where he's at and letting him know you'd be open to the idea may let him know that if he wants a relationship in the future, you're a possibility. Or you could just be friends and watch for any signals that his feelings may be changing. Or you could ask him about it now and see what he wants and is looking for. It's a very direct route, but you would save a lot of speculating about what he's thinking

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