Is he lying or is he telling the truth?

Hi. I've been seeing this guy for 1,5 month now. A couple of weeks ago my text messages was acting weird and he didn't receive my texts, and we ended up texting each other on viber, which we still do.

Last week he told me one day that he was on his way home but viber can show you the location of where he texts from, if you don't turn it off. It showed me that he was some other place.

The whole night it showed that he was at this place, and his family doesn't live there or anything, but he told me he was at home, at that he had dinner at home etc. but I didn't tell him that it was inconsistent with the location on viber (plus I would give him the benefit of the doubt). This had never happened before.

Yesterday it happened again. He said he was at school, but vibe's location showed a different address (again he doesn't have any family on that address).

This time I told him that viber's location was showing something different. He said that it was weird because he was indeed at school at the time, and he had googled the address and he doesn't know that adress, and sometimes his finger would hit the button (to turn it off/on) and sometimes it wouldn't.

Even after I told him, it was still showing him at that weird address. If he was lying and hiding something, would't he be more careful and turn it off every time he sent me a text?

Up until now he has been telling me the truth according to what he told me and what viber was showing. But somehow I'm still questioning it. It might be wrong, but I'd really like your point of view - am I overreacting?


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  • Hmmm, who knows. Yet if he's not doing it anymore, why care?