Should I text him or just leave it alone?

I was thinking of texting him around 3 when I got off work but since he has not texted me since last Sunday I don't know if I should

I have known this guy at work for about 2 months and is always flirty with me, poking at me. prob about a month ago he asked if me would hang out i I was just like maybe

so he starting texting me Sunday and was being extremely flirty over text I showed our convo to my friends and they all thought it was a booty call

I thought I was being flirty back too but I don't know

but he has not texted me since then I have seen him at work and he was still a little flirty and tapping me when he saw me

But i don't know why he has not texted me :(( he is kinda a big flirt so I don't know


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  • Just leave it alone..unless you want to be his booty call


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  • You can text him to see if All he was is a booty call or something else

  • I recommend wait until he texts you. But if you like being initiative go ahead.

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