Girls what sort of romantic things do you like guys to do for you?

I've never had a girlfriend before I'm 21 and I'm very inexperienced with girls. I just don't know any romantic things I could do for a future girlfriend.

Girls do you like guys to be romantic? What sort of romantic things do you like guys to do for you?


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  • many girls are afraid the guys will suddenly back off and start looking like they dont like them anymore, and they dont understand when it happens. girls usually are faster and want things to happen faster than guys do.
    Just be understanding, try not to be awkward. Trust me, if you're not awkward, the girl won't be either. We want you to be understanding. We like to be held, like if you're on the sofa together, put your arm around her and gently pull her towards you. Rub her arm, theyll LOVE that feeling. and yes, We love romantic guys. here's something you can do for a girl (this is just an examle); buy her like matching onsies or something. or go and take a picture together and give it to her as a present.
    Hope I helped:) good luck!!


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  • yes we like romantic guys
    we like guys who is always here for us
    we like guys who love and respect us be caring., be gentle, cuddle her, say i love you, understand her feelings but don't be too creepy


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