It was a challenge and then I started to like him?

There was this guy in my math class who always sat at the back and never spoke to anyone and never smiled. So I took up this challenge to get him to smile. Everyday I would go up to him and talk to him and finally after 3 days he smiled (well not really, he lips kinda just curled up and it was barely visible, but it did count for me). After that I tried to make him laugh and like that we started talking. He was totally opposite of what I expected and have a good time with him. Turns out that he is actually really fun and knows a ton of cheesy jokes and always manages to make me laugh. This all started about 3 months back. I like him a lot, but I'm not sure if I should tell him.


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  • Totally tell him maybe he feels the same and if not then act like you never told him it will make the relationship you guys have right now stay the same if he doesn't have feelings for u ( hope this helped)

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