What should I do if my boyfriend is mad at me? What should I do if he's sulking?

So I just need some advice on what to do if he's mad and sulking? Guyssss help


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  • Why is he sulking/Mad? That is a huge changer to how you should react in this situation.

    • For example: situation 1
      I'm jealous of someone and he comforts me by saying they're just friends and yet I still don't believe him and continue to be a bitch about it
      Situation 2
      He compliments me and I don't accept his compliment just bcs I don't think it's true? He told me that I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever met like how can that be true?
      Situation 3
      He feels down and downgrades himself bcs he thinks he's not good enough for me?

    • Situation one - Relationships are built on trust, No matter what age. If you cannot trust what he is saying, and he is sad because you dont believe him, perhaps that is cause to believe him even more.
      Situation two - Even if it's just him being nice, Ever think that he isn't just talking about physically? Maybe your personality also contributes to your beauty, your inner beauty.
      Situtation 3 - Ehh. Thats just a self esteem issue, you can always help that by complimenting him (don't overdo it) and telling him how much you like him. I use the word like because I am not personally sure how long you two have been going out and/or how you use the word love. (For example I keep that word for deeper meanig, some people use it willy nilly second date)

    • Thank you! We've been in this relationship for about 6 months now and I don't know if it's too soon to say but I do love him. Thank you again, your advice is very helpful :)

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  • give him space


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  • What did you do to make him mad? Figure that out, fix it, apologize, and give him space until he decides he's either over it and accepts your apology, or he's not and breaks up with you :p

  • Christ having to deal with this at your age isn't fair to you. It's not YOUR JOB to fix things, it has to be 50/50 and if he's acting like a retard, just ignore it and try to have fun.