Should I expect to hear back from her?

I met this girl 2 months ago, and she seemed interested, but then someone close to her passed away. I though this was a polite rejection, but it turned out to be true. A month later, she gets in touch to hang out, and we have fun. She texts me 2 days later to make say she had fun and that she hoped she didn't keep me out too late. I tell her I had fun and ask when she'd free the next week or 2. It's been a week, and I haven't heard back. Should I delete her number? Why would she text 2 days later is she wasn't interested?


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  • She could just be having a hard week.. I'm 19 and my dad died recently. There are times when I want to be completely alone and let myself grieve and there are other times when I want to be with people and forget about it.
    Don't ever pretend like the death didn't happen, because it will make it feel to her like you don't care, but don't bring it up all the time either. Remember that the number one thing on her mind is the death and that that is what she is concerned about. Text her and ask her how she is going. Don't mention you two or anything like that. Make sure she knows you care that she is hurting and that that is your priority too.

    • yesterday must have been hard for you then (fathers day). sorry to hear that about losing your dad

    • It was pretty hard, but I didn't go out in public, so it wasn't too much in my face. Thank you for your concern :)

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  • If its been just a week , maybe you should wait a little more. don't jump to conclusions just yet I doubt shed text if she wasn't interested!😉

    ~ can you answer mine?💕thanks


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