What should I do? i'm so lost?

I'm interested in a guy, he is too! but I'm so shy! it's almost a obstacle for me! I'm so afraid of commitment with someone! What should i do? any advice to not be shy anymore?


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  • Try to be around him and use your smile. Let him feel that you like him.
    And if, by coincidence, there's an opportunity to help him with something or so, do it.
    Or if you notice he's a bit "down", there's you moment to be there for him. Those gestures are always appreciated.


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  • start off slow. you can text him if you aren't already then you can ask him what he's doing when he's free and if it's something you can do with him, ask if you can go along. but you don't want to ask to do everything with him, that might seem a bit too clingy haha. you could always ask him to do something with you too, like find a movie to watch at home together or something. good luck :D