Help I don't understand this girl?

This girl I work with and I are friends. So when I first started she would find ways to be around me all the time and we started walking and talking all the time. She blushes around me 50% of the time and acts nervously and fidgety sometimes too. I've seen her kind of flirt with other guys and it's made me jealous I guess. She's done it in front if me too. The main thing I noticed I guess was that I was the only guy she walked and talked with for months. I ignored her for a long time bc I was pissed about being made jealous and so confused over everything. I wasn't very nice to her about it. I was even skipping many if our group lunch outings because I didn't want to be made jealous. A couple of months goes by and my buddy tells me she has been following him in and out if the parking lot (the park in a different lot than me) almost everyday and are walking and talking ( like her and I used to do). This made me very jealous. I started talking to her again big time and she seemed to back off him he said. We were back to fairly heavy flirting if email her and play little jokes on her she even Sat next to me in out company meeting. I bumped her and she blushed hard. Anyway he left and I've backed off the attention with her again and things are just weird between us. For the past six months she's been skipping all of our group lunches except the one I was out if town. And she asked me if I was going to the business tour I said yes and she called in sick! I really don't get her at all can anyone tell me what's up with her?


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  • she is one inconsistant b*tch. See seems like the ultimate female player, but at the same time I dont even think she knows what she wants. Keep your distance from her and move on. I would just ignore her. Go find another girl to be interested in. She's way to wishy washy for you and it's only going to end in disaster one day. She reminds me of this guy I use to be with and he did the exact same just in a guy way. Would act interested for a bit of time then go off and do his thing with other girls then come back. She's using you to make herself feel better considering she continues to get attention out of you, and she's going to keep doing it until you put your foot down. And she probably does it with other guys because they probably by into it at first then realize how inconsistant she is and they get over it. You're better off not dealing with her and finding someone/something else to focus your attention on.

    • I agree I think she is in it for the attention, but it is just so strange. She only did this with me walked and talked for months just her and I no one else. I saw kind of occasional flirting with my buddy mostly like hair flip and smile but no talking like her and I did for like 5 months. Really it was me and only him after she switched but she came back u me after I found out about it and started giving her attention again.

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    • Haha yea she's married

    • yah forget her ass.

  • She's playing with you. She thinks you're cute, but she isn't planning on committing to you or have you be her boyfriend. If you're looking for something serious, you should stop talking to her because she is for sure no serious.

    • Well yea she's in a relationship actually. Why the switch to my buddy?

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