Why he text some random stuff, but never ask me out?

I date with a guy for one month, at least 10 times.
He was clingy last week, but this weeks is weird, he text less in a day or evening, some random things, such as send me pic in snapchat, or tell me there is a new open sushi restaurant nearby, but he never asked me out again since our last date to cinema, he behaved strangely that day, he did not do physical intimacy any more, seemed like he was indifferent, when he stayed a while with me in my apt, before he went home, he hugged me, kissed my cheek, and said he love me, (i was really shocked, he is the guy who admitted he do not like say 'I like you' even).

One thing i have to say is all the things happened after I told him I only consider to have sex with the guy I am committed to.

I decided to move on, thought he is not interested into me at all, or just put me as an option. And also I plan to ignore him message, prepare to see a new guy, at the same time, I do not know should I still keep open , will see what happen in the future unless he really change and make effort to chase me


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  • You listed a lot of affection towards you, but I don't remember seeing any reciprocated affection on your part. If so then perhaps he gave up on you.

    • but he still text me, does he want to be slow fader?
      I felt insecure, I used to tell him I want to stay with him in one date we drive a long way to the city, I rarely reject his asking for date or make out before, thought I did not initiate text so much, but I am a active responder.
      His behavior confused me, we talked our relationship one time, he said he consider serious relationship but just want to take things slow, only one time before he said 'I like u' but he said he does not want to admit those things so fast, and it is me to force him to say that.
      I used to think he is lying, he does not want to serious relationship, or whatever change his mind, just cuz I don't want to have sex before we are committed.

      guy, does he really not see any reciprocated affection on my part, so he gave up?

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    • u'r right, I should ask him, make it clear if he wants to date with me, or we just be friends

    • btw, should I tell him I will date with other guy, or it is not a good idea.

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  • Have you initiated text?

    • Nope, generally no. I do not want to show myself needy

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    • once I replied him, asked him what he will have for dinner, but he said he would have dinner with his friend. now what I cannot take it, he had seen my message, and not reply immediately, I guess I did the same thing later. is he a player

    • How would I know? sometimes people can't reply immediately