How can u tell if a libra guy secretly likes you over Facebook? Any tell tale signs? I'm to chicken to ask him if he does so please don't tell me to.?

We talk on Facebook a lot. He lives far away so I'm not sure if he likes me or not.
We met in person a year ago. He likes a lot of my posts and if I compliment him he says thanks means a lot. And if he gives me advice and I take it even though I don't ask for it he says he's really happy for me. I don't flirt with him and I won't. I just wanna know without asking..


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  • Astrology has nothing to do with it. Also, text is admirable, but you can write down anything you want, so who knows. If I wanted to evaluate someone's emotions, I'd get them to video chat.


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  • You have to cut off a rabbit's foot and wear it around your neck then put garlic in your pockets and four-leafed clovers in your shoes and stuff a horse-shoe down your panties and share this on Facebook or else monsters will come out of the woods and eat you...

  • astrology has nothing to do with attraction


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