Relationships, I'm not feeling a connection?

i don't know how to explain this but years ago when i felt a connection with someone and kissing was like magic, and you could feel sparks and stuff all of that has been taken away and i don't feel that anymore, is there a way to get those feelings back or are they lost for good?


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  • Are you talking in general...not just with one woman...but that you aren't feeling sparks with anyone anymore?

    • yeah exactly :)

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    • If it's with everyone...then it may just be that you haven't recently met a good match for you. I think when you do then you'll have these feelings again. I'm 30 so based on your age range on this site older than you...and I felt the spark for the first time at 28...and it's still I think you can experience them at any age.

    • I hope so, thankyou for your opinion :)

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  • With the same girl? It just might be that the honey moon stage is over

    • not with the same girl, like any girl, even the ones that im really interested in, I just have no feelings

  • I was like that too before. Is there something more serious going on with your partner or its all the same as before? and how long have you been with her? because for me, I lost the connection when I find out his real personality as time goes by and it didn't match to mine, so its basically like "infatuation" thing.. I adore him at first (usually first 4 months there's really strong connection then after that, things changed and I didn't feel the spark anymore when we kiss)..

    I don't think they are lost for good.. You will experience it back with the right love to the right person at the right time.. Just don't lose hope.. :)


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