If your husband/wife cheats do you want revenge, do you want out, or do you want to fix things?

Does it matter if its a one time thing vs an on going affair?

  • id want revenge.
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  • id want out of the marriage
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  • id want to work on it
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  • it depends - explain.
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  • I'd leave. If he can't bother to stay faithful, I can't bother to be married to him


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What Guys Said 3

  • While I've never been married, I was once engaged. My fiance of 2 years cheated on me with 13 different men, so she claims.

    Originally, I wanted to destroy her, but after she came crawling back and desperately wanted to continue our engagement, I realized rejecting her was enough. In order to keep the good graces of our mutual friends, I wanted to remain as innocent in the situation as possible, and I did. I didn't embarrassing hrr, I didn't verbally bash her, I just let karma run its course.

    Ultimately, something she accels at is embarrassing herself, so needless to say, many of our mutual friends now see her true colors and hate her. I am now engaged to the beautiful woman of my dreams and word on the street is she has gonnorea. Life is good.

  • Thesedays, I'd just walk away.
    They're not even worth getting angry about. They no longer have enough credibilty to even deserve anger.

  • I would want her to cheat in front of me. Bet she'd be to ashamed to do it


What Girls Said 1

  • I would simply want a divorce. Revenge is not worth it in my opinion, that would say more about my character than anything else. Sure, I may be bitter and angry but I would not want to waste any more time on the jerk who cheats on me, I would just want to be out of the marriage.

    I would never want to work on a relationship with someone who cheats. I have no desire to chase after someone who clearly doesn't want me. Even if I had children with that person, I still would get a divorce. I would always be unhappy if I stayed and the cheating would constantly be in the back of my mind.

    I don't think it would be fair to the kids for me to stay with someone who obviously doesn't love me and who I clearly would resent. I'm sure my hypothetical kids would be much better off if my hypothetical cheating husband and I were divorced and living happily separate lives, only connected by the children themselves.