Started dating a girl right after she broke up with her ex, after a month she tells me she's not ready for a relationship and that she wants a break.?

This girl I used to work with has had a crush on me since last summer. I tried my best to seem disinterested and distance myself because I don't like dating someone I work with because I don't like the awkwardness that follows if it doesn't work out.
During this time she was very forward about liking me and I would **nicely** brush it off and maintained a healthy work relationship with her.
Once I transferred to a different department we began hanging out outside of work, during that time she started seeing some other guy.
Fast forward a couple months, she gets dumped by that guy and wants to go on a date with me. We agree to take things slow and start dating.
Fast forward a month into our relationship. She never wanted to see me more than once a week and was very distant through text messages with me. She did have some family drama going on that she was hesitant to open up to me about because she opened up about it to her ex and he hurt her over it. Not sure what the family issue is, but she didn't want to open up about it again quite yet.
One night she blew me off and didn't tell me what was wrong, I found out the next day her ex has been texting her nasty things and it was really bothering her. She said she's finally blocked him out of her life, I tell her it's not fair to me that she never tells me anything and doesn't let me in at all. This doesn't feel like a relationship or even a friendship because she isn't in it at all.
She agreed and said with everything going on she just needs time. She said she's always gone from boyfriend to boyfriend and never had time to recoup from any of it. She said she still likes me, she wants to be there for me and do nice things for me like I've been doing for her but she can't right now. She said she doesn't want to see anyone else and she wants to give it a shot again soon. She just needs a little time to figure herself out and that she'll be back.
So do I wait, is this possible or just bs?


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  • she isn't yet able to move on from her ex...

    • So do I wait, do you think she'll come back at some point? Meanwhile I am giving her her space, I'm not bothering her at all, I'm just curious.

    • it all depends upon her

  • You were a rebound. Sorry.


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