What is a good way to make things up to your guy? Guys opinion also?

Me and my ex is working on getting back together after a mistake I made ( no cheating). my anger had took toll of the relationship. Well after a year of speaking but not seeing each other because of us living in different states, we see each other this Friday. I moved back home. I told him I was gonna make it up to him and surprise him. His family dramatic and his sisters are as well but he hates his family so he lie to them. They even hate me because I won't fight. Is it wrong to have sex on the day? To be honest I miss the sh** out of him. Everytime we seen each other when we was together we had sex. I couldn't resist him. I don't wanna make it seem like I am a hoe or I just want sex. I really hate Normal sex. Any ideas on how to make it up?


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  • Me and my ex ARE****

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    • Well I'm sry

    • Sorry* Hahahahaha