He and I are supposed to go mountain biking tomorrow. Is this a date?

I've felt like this guy has been a bit flirty with me lately and I think I might like him. A few days ago he sent me a text asking me if I would like to go mountain biking with him that evening. I told him I already had plans but that we should take a rain check. He replied "For sure!!" The next night he came into my work with a couple of friends, (I'm a bartender), and although he had to work at 6am the next morning, he stayed and hung out until closing time at 2am. We made plans to go mountain biking tomorrow.
I figured I'd just feel it out during our ride, but now the forecast says it's supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow, which means we might not go. If our ride is cancelled due to weather and he doesn't suggest that we do something else, I should assume it wasn't supposed to be a date, right? What should I say if he cancels?
P.S. Most guys consider me to be very attractive and fun. Also, I love mountain biking but I'm not very good. I know he's a way better mountain biker than I am.

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  • It was probably a way to hang out and be more intimate than just a casual hangout session but slightly less intimate than a date! The fact he waited till 2am means he is into you! The mountain biking wasn't the date but it would be the thing that would lead up to one!


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