One girl or the other? I don't know what to do?

Talking to one girl right now, but we have not had the chance to hang out (a movie, dinner, anything) yet. Meanwhile, another girl has been reaching out to me who wants to hangout

the first girl we have been talking for a few weeks now and I know she has a busy schedule, but she is worth meeting. She has told me she really likes me a lot and wants me to be hers, but we haven't really met up yet. The other girl is worth meeting too and we just started talking. What on earth is a young man to do?

the first girl is texting, but we still have not hung out. the other girl is asking when are we gonna see each other... i'm at the point now where i'm like what is going on with this first girl


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  • Hang out with Both and see which you like best, but i want to ask you a question? Do you like a girl with looks? or an alright girl but with a great personality?

    • An alright girl with a personality is better than a girl with looks. A girl with looks could have a personality that makes her ugly

    • You got that right. :)

    • hey, i'm a guy that likes a girl with a personality. you can be pretty, but if you're personality is something else, then it can make you ugly.

      but about the two girls, i hung out with one of them last night and the other one we still haven't hung out. after i text her yesterday, i heard nothing from her the entire day. i've asked to hangout a few times now and every time nothing happened

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  • Well who do you like more? Who do you have a better connection with?
    and it all depends on who you will fall for first.
    Besides, have you asked yourself whether or not you will be able to stand having a girlfriend who is always busy (referring to girl #1)? she can hardly find time for you now and you two are not dating, what about if you DO start dating? will you be able to put up with having to fight fo her time?
    It's all up to you.

  • Meet both, it will be easier to decide.

  • Meet them both but try and decide as soon as you can. Girls don't like been strung along.

  • Hang out with both (obviously not at the same time), until you figure out who you like better. It's not complicated, unless you make it complicated.
    Which basically means, once you reach that point (could be weeks or months away) where one or both want something serious, like an actual relationship, you have to pick one. Don't cheat, don't give them that bs about not being able to decide, if you can't decide you shouldn't be anyone's boyfriend. And be sure to articulate that you're just hanging out/dating and getting to know each other, it's not exclusive. That way you're covered:)


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