What did he mean by this and how do I proceed?

The person I'm seeing last night said to me:
I was reluctant to let you stay the night because I don't want you to fall in love with me and as much as I love the sex and your company, I don't want to you think this is more than it is.

I'm pretty sure I know what he meant by that, but he's very affectionate and we spend a lot of time together outside of his/my house in the day time, he usually initiates this. After he said that we hung out still and played video games and when we went to bed that night he was cuddling me and being very affectionate and we had sex in the morning, then went out for half the day together. We've been seeing each other for close to three months and I'm not sure if he's just in it for the sex part. For the record, I'm not clingy and I let him have a lot of space and I assumed he had some sort of feelings for me, but this really threw me off? Any isights? He's twenty-one. I want more than just sex, and I was sure he did too.


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  • He probably does see you as more than a friend, but has a commitment complex. Try asking him what you are to him and if you are of any importance to him other than sex. Try showing him that you think of him as more than a sex friend and if he reaponds to you negatively, you have the choice of either: leaving him or staying with him.


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