What is the best/most adult way to approach this player and stop the hot/cold game?

I've been seeing a guy for 4 months. We met at a gas station, and I was mesmerized b/c he was sorta shy about it, got in his car and drove up beside me and worked up the nerve b/4 driving off to ask my #. For a first date he asked me over to his place for drinks. We have been off and on seeing each other and sleeping together since. The only time he gets super hot on me is when he seems to sense it is ending. I don't get it though, he acts as if I'm the only woman in the world when we're together, like he's soo into me and so sincere. I know he's a player, because of how he is and carries himself, and the way he goes incommunicado for days sometimes (until I make him feel threatened a little bit or give him cold shoulder), and everything he does and says. He's such a smoothie. And he recently called me sweet G, which he used to call me sweet K b/c my name begins with a K. He has only taken me on ONE real date, and then afterward before I left he asked me to come on over that weekend with my girlfriends and we'd go out or either go out with friends with his buds and mine, which never happened obviously, but he knows I'm bi and all my friends are HOT! lol. I'm due for surgery and he acted so worried about me, and made me promise him it wasn't serious. He thought he lost me b/c he saw me in a car he thought was my exes and he got really into me/serious again and had been texting at the least every other day. Then he came and got me b/c my car was out of service, we went riding, then came back to my place and had lots of sex, then he was going to sleep here, I went to the bathroom and came back (left my phone), he started acting weird/hasty and left asking me to promise him I wouldn't be mad if he left but he just didn't feel comfortable and felt better sleeping and getting ready to work at his place. So I did. I haven't heard from him for 4 days! The last time I stayed over @ his place, there was frantic calling and then door knocking. What should I do now?

I couldn't fit this all in the first part, but for more details: I rent a room from an older, conservative lady and the dog wanted to sleep with us, he got really uncomfortable. Also, I have texted him, got nothing and warned him he's gonna lose me.
I meant to say I was mesmerized b/c he is not from here and his accent was so cute, especially nervous. lol. the door knocking he said was his bud, then his bud came & they left and came back.


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  • You seam like a very sexy lady and he'd be a fool to loose you


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