Does my female best friend like me?

hi guys... she's my preety best friend and we talk about a lot of things. we have known each other for 6years now and now i am starting to like her. we do chat on Facebook about sweet things and anytime she wants to go to bed, she asks me to say something sweet. there was a time i sent her a smilie on Facebook and she was like"stop that am shy" she comes to my house to see me and we do have a lot of fun plus, when ever i asked her to get me something while comming, she does. so last night i was going through her whatsapp chat with a guy she saw where she went for an exam.. then at a point i saw a text she sent to the guy saying"missing you already" and i was really confused though i didn't ask her anything untill night time when we were chatting.
ME: i see u have found your self new guy right?
She: you mean that guy?
me: yeah
she:well, he is ok
me: you like him?
she: i don't know
she:cos i dont know him that much
me: then y missing someone you dont know that much
she:cos i miss him for real.
me:ok.. i gotta go goodnight.
me: nothing.
she:will you be back?
she: ok good night and sleep thight
so guys that was what happned last night.. am really confused... questions i have developed:
does she like me?
is she trying to make me jealous or something?
does she like the other guy more than me?
so guys am really confused about this, i need your help please.. i really like her. Though i can say she's not gonna see that guy again.. cos she met him accidentally..


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  • I think, being she Has known you longer, she really feels something for you, but being you both Still haven't hooked up, between the sweet, there is Now a---Sour. She's a bit muddled, for Someone New has come into her life, and although she may or may not get up with him, I cannot promise you there Won't be another to follow in his footsteps.
    Hang in there, be a friend, even Try to pursue what you have obviously worked hard to nurse and least up to now for friendship, which has suddenly changed...
    However, if you see it's going no where but to the wind, and her 'Fickle pickle' Pattern continues, then move on and start going out with others. In essence, it would have just meant for you both to stay 'Good friends...'But who knows what Mother Nature may have in store. Suddenly it could go in another direction.
    Right now, I feel that if she really wanted You for her guy, she wouldn't be 'Crushing' on another, Crushing your heart with this.
    Good luck.xx


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  • She was probably in to you, but the crush are about to fade away... Maybe is tired of waiting? Catch her asap, or loose her... :/

  • Oh no! Maybe she's starting to have a crush on that guy. Go and catch her now before some does and steals her from you.

    Answer: Yes, she likes you but only as a friend. Maybe along time ago, she liked you more than one but, you were not seeing the signs she was giving and so, she thought you just see her as a friend also. So now, she's like starting to move on.

  • She probably has u in the friend file of her mind. Got to let her know u've been thinking about going out as boyfriend/girlfriend and ask her if she would like to try it out by going on a date with u or maybe just ask her if she wants to try a kiss to see how it feels. The friends file is a very hard one to get out of though for me anyway.


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