Should I send him a message on facebook?

I really need a guys opinion on this but all opinions are so welcome!
I really really like this guy and I have for a few years. He's two years older than me and a really good friend of my brother so I spent a lot of time around him growing up.
I'm now 16 and he's 18.
He was at a party that my friends were also at and they told me that he told them that he thinks I'm 'hot' and wanted to 'hang out' with me at the party and he was upset that I wasn't there.
I keep seeing him looking at me and I overheard him say my name to his friend when I walked past once.
He's pretty shy usually so I don't think he'd make the first move even if he wanted to but I'm not sure.
He hasn't said anything to me about liking me, should I tell him that I like him first?
If so, how should I? I'm pretty shy too and school has finished for the summer and I don't have his number so I'd have to Facebook message him!
He's also going to university next year and I'm honestly scared that I'm never going to see him again.
My friend and her sister are having a party in a couple of weeks that he is usually invited to, however he isn't on the guest list for this one, which I find strange. I think it might be because my friend (who holds the parties) kinda shouted at him at the last party for 'trying to take advantage' of me, even though I wasn't there and I honestly don't think he is the kind of guy to do that!
So I'm worried that he's not going to be there..
But yeah, my main question is should I tell him that I like him and, if so, how should I tell him? Like what do I say etc cause I'm really shy and terrified of rejection.


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  • Message him and ask if he would like to go get coffee, ice cream, whatever kids are into these days

  • Write him.


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  • I think you should tell him or you'll be wondering forever if the feeling was mutual. However, after you've told him (and he feels the same way about you), I'd recommend you directly talk to your brother if he's ok. If he doesn't like you, it won't be awkward, since he'll be leaving soon.

    Source: A friend has 5 year long distance relationship with the brother of another friend.

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