He asked me to his house what do I do? semi/ pretty urgent!!?

hey so the guy i like invited me to his house, my mom said no, i suggested we actually go somewhere, but he was pretty insitant on his house. i can't remember if/ what i texted as a reply (my phone is dumb and doesn't hold my messages) so if i did text him and said no, then he is a buttt for not texting me back for a day but if i forgot to text him, youd think hed be freaking out thinking i was mad at him riht? and maybe text me? idk, weve never gone out before anf i dont even know if this is really a date or him just wanting to hang out cause he's got a lot of friends who are girls.\ and i might just be one of them. so what do you think:
1) should i text him again on the off chance i never responded in the first place
2) is he just looking for sex

why do you think he's not texting me back in these 2 situations:
i texted him saying i dont want to go to your house but i do want to hang out
i never texted him back in the first place


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  • Wow, you're really naive but then again you're young. Guys at your age are looking for sex. It doesn't necessarily mean, "I like you." He's very insistant because sex is what he wants. Seems to me he knows you like him and is using your feeling as an emotion.

    Yes, listen to your mother. You are under 18 and living under her roof still

    • Your feeling as an advantage*

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    • If he was pretty insistant for his house that tells me, "I don't give a fuck about you. I just want sex." He's not worth it. So you have nothing to text him. Look for a better guy that deserves your emotions.

    • just a update for you, hr invited me too his house again, i went, and he didn't try to mess around so ha!

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