If guys meet a girl online and like her do they want to talk before the date?

We met online talked on phone he seems like a legit guy. He asked if we can talk more before the date. We are supposed to meet this week.

On one hand I am glad he's trying to know me and hitting it off with me. On the other hand I feel like I need to meet him and make sure I really do like him before getting to know him too well.

What do you think?


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  • Definitely meet him first. Usually talking on the phone or meeting someone can help you get to know someone. I say go for it. He's really trying to get to know you, why not give him a chance

    • I'm going to meet him and we are talking but I still feel a little distant until I meet him face to face. Is it good that he's making the effort? Talking on the phone went well but I am a bit scared of commitment or moving too fast. So I want to make sure I know him.

    • Yes its a good thing. This shows that he definitely is interested in you. You have the right mindset about this. But definitely meeting him will help sure things up for you

  • umm talk to him but dont like say all you are going to say. leave something to talk about on the date.


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