Got her number 2 days ago and called her today, how should I proceed?

I met this girl at a party like 2 days ago.
I was at the party dancing with some friends when she walked past me. I noticed her looking at me so I went over and chat her up. We hit it off and she laughed/smiled the entire time. At last I told her to give me her number in order to go out sometime, so we exchanged numbers.
2 days later (today) I called her asking her how she was and such. At the end I asked her if she had time next week. At the moment she is learning for exams so she couldn't explicitly tell me when she's gonna have time. She told me to let me know when she has time.
Is this a bad sign? I mean the fact that she doesn't have the time or doesn't even want to meet me.


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  • Maybe she really is busy studying. I often do that, when I'm studying, I say I'll get back to you when I'm free because I'm really busy atm. On the other hand, she could be uninterested and is using exams for an excuse.. I would wait for a couple of days. If she doesn't contact you, then she is not interested.


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