I like a girl and I want her as my girlfriend?

I like a beautiful girl, since a long time a didn't wanted a girl too much. She didn't know me, probably she recognize me and know mi name but we never talk. A few friends know her and they could present me but what do I do next or what I said? My friends don't know that I like her, do I tell them? She is a grade down from me.


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  • you and every other guy in this world wants a girlfriend, but depends on the girl or guy and if a guy is lucky to get a girl in the first place, there's really nothing a guy can do to get a girlfriend, cause its the girl who is supposed to choose and approach the guy she wants

    • Yes, you're right but maybe she's the supposed one, but I need to do a lot of things to really love her and to be her boyfriend so that's my question what do I do?

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  • If you get a chance to meet her, talk about the your mutual friends.

    • Yes I could meet her, but what do I do next?

    • Talk about things you guys have in common. Like friends or school. Try to sound interesting.

  • Just go and talk to her, You know some girls have a thing for older guys.

    • Yes probably, but what is the right way to start talking in Facebook or whatsapp?

    • just start with things that are mutual between both of you and also try to know what she likes and dislikes, show kindness toward her, sympathize her and when she becomes a good friend start throwing some hints here and there and do some light flirting

    • Ask her out when she shows genuine interest in you

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