Guys: second date, hike to a waterfall then dinner he wants to cook for me?

Okay, we I went on my first ever date with someone and we went out to dinner, he was a huge gentleman paid, suggested what I should try as it was his favourite restaurant and then we walked by the water and we kissed a lot. He messaged me that evening when he got home and we've been chatting often. On the first date he told me he had a long weekend and that he would love to cook for me but we didn't make any plans. Then this afternoon we were talking about what we were doing this weekend individually and I don't know who brought it up to go out but I suggested going for a hike and he said he knew a place with a waterfall and then to Cook dinner for me. He said he had a great time and he felt a connection. I said I did too, but I'm not sure if he's just saying that? I'm not wanting to rush things at all.

I'm not used to this this at all, the people I've been with have been friends first and then nothing romantic like that and I was also cheated on so I'm kinda like hmm how many other girls is he wining and dining but on our date he said he wanted to keep dating and seeing where it goes.

What does all this mean? Is he just lokimg to get laid? Should I trust him that he likes me? Is cooking dinner for a girl a big deal? I'm so unsure because I've never experienced it and I don't want to gwet badly hurt like I did before (he was my best friend as well as my boyfriend, biggest betrayal)

How do you know when its serious or not?


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  • You will only be about to tell with time hunny. There hasn't been sufficient time spent with him atm. Keep dating him, and if he's dining up other girl then who cares! Get free food from him and more power to you just don't let him get the cookie.