So I only meet this girl on Thursday and things are already getting weird?

so I only meet her this Thursday for first time ever , she works at golf course in town I live in , I had never really been there before but went this week as I knew another girl who works there and I wanted to hit some balls at the driving range.

the first time I went there , girl I knew wasn't there but this new girl was working bar in club house and I had a beer and talked to her a bit , though there might of been some interest at time from her but wasn't sure.
then went back the next day and hit some balls at driving range and went to clubhouse again and this time both girls were there , I talked to them both a bit but when I went over to talk to girl I knew , I though the other girl might of been jealous. the girl I knew also like told all the people that worked there that she knew me and that I was there to see her.

then on Saturday night I see new girl I just meet at concert this local bar was holding expect she was with this guy? either her bf or a date , but she still kept saying hi to me and must of walked by me like 3 times and said hi each time , guy just sort of ignored me. and she knew I was going to be at that bar as I had asked girl I knew if she was coming to concert but she was busy and couldn't make it. so I'm wondering if this other girl came out intentionally knowing I'd be there.

anyways I find it all starting to get weird but I admit I don't know the new girl much and maybe she does have a bf or maybe she did like me and was jealous I had just gone to golf course to see her co-worker and i didn't really like her.
should I just try and be friends with her? talk to her at golf course when I go there , I had fun hitting balls and want to go back as long is drama doesn't get too bad


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  • She sounds interested in you, if you wanna talk to her then go for it :) she obviously went cuz you'd be there. If not then just ignore her

    • yeah but then why go with a guy? I though the whole thing was weird , I'm ok with being friends with her , I don't know if I even wanted to date her

    • Maybe to make you jealous ;) haha that's hown some girls are. If I were interested and knowing you'd be there alone I'd probably go alone too and be there with you. But that's a bit creepy so who knows..

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  • Ok your problem is you're being passive and reacting. That's why you wrote so much. Figure out what you want. Ask pointed questions. Go get it.

    • I was originally interested in girl I knew that's why I went there to begin , this new girl sort of appeared out of nowhere , I've only known her for like 3 days and casually talked to her at her work , I don't know if I was that interested in dating her to begin with

    • Well decide and act.

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