Dates: How was your favorite one?

We've all had our worst and best dates. The ones we can't wait to return home and the ones we wished would never end.

How was your best date like? Where did you two go, what did you do there and how did it all feel to you or him/her?

Share your experiences! :D


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  • My best and worst date are (strangely) the same date. We'd done the coffee thing and the lunch and the ice cream thing already (though I hate coffee). I decided to take my (future) wife out sailing, a great passion of mine. We went with two other friends of mine, one an experienced seaman and the other a beginner. TAKE NOTE: If your date says she doesn't know if she'll get seasick but is willing to try, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Well we rented a Cat. 28 and I got some smoked salmon and wine and cheese and a single pink rose (strategically placed on he passenger seat of my car...she loves flowers) and ginger snaps just in case. I gave her the safety lecture, and we cast off. We puttered around inside the breakwater for a while (Long Beach and L.A. are big harbors), and she seemed OK. I asked if she wanted to try going out of the breakwater. She said fine. Away we went. Seemed OK for about the first twenty minutes, but seasickness comes on sudden. When it does, oh boy! She looked like death. I felt sorry for her and I also had this sinking feeling I was never going to hear from her again. We turned around and we had to dock. I let the other two (who also paid for the rental) continue sailing, but my date came with me in my car and I had to take her home. She was so dizzy and so sick, I don't think she could have driven anyways. When I got to her place, I walked her to her door (she really had trouble standing) and helped her to her couch. At that point I thought this was the worst date idea ever. However, she accepted when I offered to make her some tea. And that's when it became (strangely) the best date ever. I took care of her. It was the first time I really cuddled with her. We watched a movie and she sipped some tea and I made her some soup a few hours later. It felt so wonderful to take care of her, and she was very forgiving, even grateful.

    So there ya go. Now, asker, we who have answered have bared our soft underbellies to you. What about you?

    • You do not understand how much I enjoyed reading this. Congratulations to her because you are definitely a keeper!

      My best one was with my best guy friend at the time. We both had developed feelings for one another, yet the fear of ruining the relationship really overtook it all. We decided to give it one try, and if it were too awkward or if it didn't work out, we'd back out of the entire ordeal and forget that it ever happened.

      He invited me over to his house and I was completely appalled by how he hadn't planned anything. I arrived there, expecting to have dinner ready or popcorn for a movie, and instead, he had nothing's prepared. When I asked him what we would be doing for the night, he said that he didn't know. I literally wanted to multilate him right there and then! How did he expect things to work out if he didn't even put an effort in it? I thought that he had given up on the whole idea and he was doing this just so we could easily forget things.

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    • Thank you, Asker. I have to say that given the fact that she didn't mind that I took her on a date that made her seasick and that she could play Chopin and Beethoven beautifully makes HER the keeper. She tried (bravely) to go sailing a few times, but I think the fear of getting seasick made her even more prone to being seasick. I sometimes lament that I couldn't share one of my great joys in life with her.

      You didn't tell us your worst date.

    • My worst one was my very first date. We were texting each other daily for two months, and we had never met each other. So when we went out on a date, we had barely anything to say since we knew everything about each other due to our long text conversations. It was awful!

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  • Both involve the park, after midnight. I was 16 the first time, and my gf at the time had a car. I snuck out and met her, and we drove to a park. She parked up a gravel road off of the main road. There was a gate behind, at the entrance to the road, which we locked behind us. And another gate to the entrance to the park, which we both jumped. We walked along the grass, a path already imprinted in it, past a small pond and under some willow trees which hung lazily over the pond. We walked across the playground, and into a large field. The full moon was really bright that night, luckily. She had brought a blanket, and we laid down, staring up at the stars smoking our favorite brands. Camel Turkish Silvers for her, and Marlboro Reds for me. Very intimate setting, and well, I think you can extrapolate what happened from there.

    I think she just wanted to reproduce a date from the song by Dashboard Confessionals, "Hands Down," and she did a pretty good job. I'll always remember that night as the best night of my life. She certainly wore the pants in that relationship. Ahhh, good times. Don't know if you would qualify that as a traditional 'date', but that's what I think of as my best one.

    • I wasn't expecting traditional date ideas, and this all sounds so creative! That was very clever of her part, to obtain inspiration from a song :) thank you for sharing, it was lovely to read that!

    • Yeah, she was a keeper. ^-^ No prob.

  • well it started with me falling down the subway rail... and being somewhat escorted to the psykatric clinic. there i meet a girl. i gave her my " Paints" and my " Writings". but she gave me a note i Think saying " you can see they are lying" . i Think i gave her a note saying "yes unfortunatley". We did on the coach i Think Exchange " feet to feet" "love" and we did the "balance" finger to finger "pull" and we did stone papper sciorrs at the same time. and we said "zell out" together". im not sure but that what i Think happend. and i Think she is my twinflame.


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