Our relationship is great but my bf doesn't say romantic words to me... Why?

I am 37 and my bf is 29...we met in January and became officially bf and gf in March. Our relationship has been great but I am not sure how he is really thinking about me..I wonder because he doesn't mention any romantic words to me...or he doesn't kiss much unless I try. I sometimes feel like I am his big sister because of age gap... Do you think he will be falling love with me even he is not being so romantic?

What he does for me...

1. He texts me every single day and call me every night to say good night... Not romantically but more like friendly way...

2. He enjoys taking me out with him when he goes out with his guys friends because I get along them too.

3. He buys me chocolates, nice dinner and small presents

4. He tries to spend time with me every weekend

5. He always holds my hand when we are walking

6. He wants to go vacation with me

7. We have great sex and he is all about making me feel good

What he doesn't do...

1. He doesn't say I love you. He once told me that love is forever and he doesn't say it unless he really means it

2. He doesn't kiss me often...

3. No sweet cuddling after sex or in the morning...

4. He doesn't say romantic things like I miss you... He sometimes complement me like I am beautiful but nothing more

I don't know if he can fall in love with me...


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  • are you in love with him?
    sometimes people don't realise that they're lacking in certain ways, maybe try explaining to your boyfriend that you'd really appreciate it if he were to begin saying nice things, kiss you more, those little things count in a woman's life...
    and maybe set up a reward system, for every sweet kiss he gives you, you give him something sweeter in return, for every post-sex cuddles, you could give him a surprise bj in the afternoon/evening, for every, say 5-10 compliments, he gets a night out with the boys, or you pay for a new golf stick or whatever (clearly i'm not into golf).
    you did give a pros and cons list, and you can't deny that you have more pros for your partner than cons...
    you two have only been together for 5 months... using the L word could be a bit daunting and you really can't expect for him, or anyone to rush into it... just try and remain patient. i'd be more concerned if it were a year into the relationship! haha...
    just sit him down and try explaining to him about how the lack of these little issues have a big effect on you, and they would, and that's important. your partner needs to realise that these are important too.
    good luck :)


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  • aspiemike's advice is right on target.
    There are free on-line tests for your principal love language.
    And another one: the L├╝scher color test at https://www.colorquiz.com It's deceptively simple, but the results are astounding.

  • Read the Five Love Languages. I am sensing you enjoy the acts of service, but want more reassurance of the relationship through his words and affection. You're gonna have to tell them that if that is true.

    On a side note: I'm a guy who has been trained to go as long as possible without saying the three magic words. I was led to believe based on experience that women would dump me the second they hear me say the words to them.


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  • Feels like he just want some good company and not to commit emotionally with you. I dont understand why some guys act like that either, they want someone to be with but dont want to be emotionally involve and expect women to be 100% into them. You need to talk to him if you dont feel comfortable if he doesn't have real feelings for you then is time to move on.

    • That sounds right... He likes me a lot and we are officially dating but I don't feel he is really into me even he is so polite and sweet...he also had just broken up with his ex who he was with for 7 years right before me and I know he needed more time to move on...I don't know how to ask him about his feelings... I don't want to be in the position as if I am the only one who is wanting to fall in love with him...

    • 7 years is a lot, maybe he still have feelings for her and dont want to compromise his feelings, saying something to you that he doesn't really feels. He won't tell you exactly what he feels, maybe he is scare to hurt you with the truth. I think you know what is best for you, he likes you , he wants to share time with you but is too soon to ask for love. Is better not to fall in love with him for your own sake. Talk to him and let him know how you feel.