What's the difference between?

Probably a dumb question but bare with me. What's the difference between starting off talking, going out on dates and the guy picks you up and pays for you, you talk all the time, kiss, and the guy has told you that he likes you and talking to you versus now sex is in the equation? Am I now a fwb? We still aren't officially together but we talk all the time and like each other, but now we have sex. Am I his friends with benefits or more than that?


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  • I would say you two or more than just friends with benefits since you both like each other, talk bunches, and have sex. Sooo maybe you need to ask him if you two are a couple or not, but it really looks like it from my point of view.

    • Thanks. He asked me what I thought about him and I told him, when I asked him he said "I like you too. I like that you're real chill so far, you can hold a real conversation, I like the fact that your lips can get me in trouble (all we did was kiss at that point), I just gel well with you". Before we had sex I asked him if he saw this going anywhere and he said "I'd rather let things play themselves out. But yes I do like you and I'm growing to like you more so..we'll see where it goes". I just didn't want to be considered a friends with benefits once sex was introduced.

    • It seems like you two are too close for him to consider you a friends with benefits lol don't worry about that.

    • Lol ok thanks.

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