How do I keep this guy interested?

I have a work friend who I lost touch with over the school year. We became buddy-buddy again at the beginning of the summer, and recently it became hot-and-cold. I emailed him to ask what happened and why we weren't friends anymore and since then he's been getting in touch via work email a lot. The day I asked, he sent four emails in three hours asking "Sup?" "Why won't you respond?" and so on. Every day since then he starts conversations, and responds to me very quickly, and I'm always the first to end it. I had previously felt ignored by him, so I've been giving him a bit of negligence back.

I want a casual physical relationship, so I want to know how I keep him interested?


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  • you wanna keep him interested in you then you let him do things on his own terms and when he's ready to text you let him the more effort he puts into this the more he will get attached or committed to doing it and you don't try to much stay communicating or at least hanging out with him i would try hanging out together even if its just as friends doing different things together on each date be flirty wear stuff that will show off your figure be confident and don't let yourself get attached to him let him be the first one to

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