I'm 6.5" tall athletic but not a bull, I'm good looking. I dont know if girls feel sexualy atraced to me I love going swimming and I'm always polite.?

Girls do you consider me a good match. I hold exelent conversation my age is 16 and I like almost all good looking girl on the planet I treat every body with respect and Im an exelent student. I'm very confident and always a lider. I dont know how American girls think pleas help me.

I'm not selfish is just that i want to keep it short and direct.

  • Would you hold a relationship with me.
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  • Will you have a sexual intercourse with me.
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  • Will you be my friend.
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Haha you look beautiful how old are you.


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  • Dont worry about it you're pretty cute.. just an American girls opinion


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  • You're too young for me haha.

  • I would have to know you more but I'm pretty sure that you are a lovely person. Besides if you were older I would probably think of holding a relationship with but I have a boyfriend.


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