How do you know when your guy isn't feeling you anymore?

How do you know when a guy isn't feeling you anymore? We haven't been hanging out as frequently because school keeps us busy, but when we hang out thing seem fine but when I'm not with him sometimes we go a couple days without talking and of we do text it's boring.. I get some people don't like to text but damn just a quick text during the day would be nice. But when I go hang with him he instantly kisses me and we go back to normal. I dont know what to do. Maybe I'm just worrying about nothing. But when I don't hear from him being a female we assume.. Lol Help


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  • When you kiss him do you feel a spark? if there is a spark and if you feel nothing in the kiss then he has lost interest. I knew that about the ex I had before my fiancĂ©. I knew the guy was going to break up with me because I felt nothing in that kiss

  • bring it up and see what he says. but be non-challant. you both are busy and sometimes its hard to keep up. offer to do things on the days you guys aren't together. sent a cute text or something. bring him dinner or whatever.
    i wouldn't worry to much. with school and work and other activities, it's hard to maintain relationships outside of work and school

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