What are the steps to online dating? As far as when to meetup and all that?

So I've talked to a few girls and I think on the last few girls I've blew it and maybe went too fast. I've been talking to a new girl for the last several hours now and usually ill try to move the girl on to texting or talking on the phone after several messages, but this is usually when they flake. Normally I wait like 3 days before suggesting this. Anyways, girls will you hint to possibly taking things to the next step if the guy doesn't? This is what im thinking about doing this time too avoid moving too fast and scaring her off. We can just keep talking and ill hope she suggests we talk on the phone or something. One girl actually did this but she turned out to be crazy and flaky. lol


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  • That's difficult to answer. When I online dated on average I only sent one message a day to a guy. I didn't have a lot of time to be on there and I didn't want to rush things. I found that guys that wanted to message a ton and ask me out the next day wanted to move too fast for me in every aspect.

    And I'm not big into the whole texting constantly. Every day the conversation started out the same, "how are you?", "fine how are you?". That gets boring after 2 days and then when you do meet you don't have anything left to say. I like long thought out messages then meeting.

    My current relationship I met online. We messaged 2 or 3 times a week. after a couple of weeks of that he asked me out. We went on 1 date a week for about a month and then a few more dates a week.

    Now in your situation you've messaged a bunch in one sitting so it's completely different. Also I don't know how old you are exactly. I think speed slows down the older you get.

  • Online dating is for fagits


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