Do you get mad when people tell you what type of person you should date, when you didn't ask for their opinion?

My friend just starts telling me I should only date guys within 3 years of my age. I just got annoyed. I didn't ask for her opinion. I'm 23 years old. I can date who I want. Whoever I date, I am mindful of.

It just pissed me off because to me age is a number, I am an adult, and I happen to like and be attracted to older men. It's been that way, constant, for years. I can't help it. I'm not hurting anyone by dating older men, and I don't let myself get hurt by them either. EVery relationship has obstacles. An older guy and I can have a good connection.

They were also making fun of this couple we know who is ten years apart in age and married. They said "their marriage is all about sex, I am sure they have nothing in common"--> the fact that they've been married for years indicates to me that they do have things in common.

It just pisses me off when people unsolicitedly tell you what is best for you. I am quite confident that I know what is best for myself, thank you very much.

Can anyone relate?


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  • i can relate people use to do that kid stuff in high school turns out im not friends with any of them people that do that aren't your real friends because real friends would be supportive and want you happy people who disapprove don't care at all about your happiness and have motives if thats how they react toward you and the decisions you make with your own life then there not out for anything good but bad and those people you should keep as acquaintances and nothing more i wouldn't call them friends if they don't act like one or wanna be happy for you my advice is keep doing what makes you happy people are gonna hate on you no matter what you just gotta be smart in witch you are to never let them close enough in your life the way you did before to say anything negative to bring you down from being all you can be


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  • Being 34, I don't like that advice either!

    I don't think anybody would be able to give me advice on the type of person I should date that would make me agree with them.


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  • sometimes when people give u dating advice, its b.c they see u repeating patterns so maybe u should try something different.

    • they don't know so much about my history because i don't tell them.

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