Should I ask her out or wait? (Two parts)?

So I have this friend, we went to prom together and we talk semi-frequently. I like her, and I'm 90% sure she knows that, but I heard a while back that she's not into me, even though we're really good friends and we hang out a lot. She just got out of a relationship around 2-3 months ago, so I didn't want to push her into another one, and we do a lot of the same things like after school clubs etc. so I didn't know if I should risk breaking up (assuming we date in the first place) and then it being awkward. But at the same time, we're really good friends, an we hang out a lot and have a good time with each other. Should I go for it or nah?
She's also leaving next week for a month long summer vacation, should I ask her out before she leaves or wait until she comes back?

We sometimes talk about personal things, like she talks about other guys, but complains about them to me. Am I being friend zoned?


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  • Well it would be bad timing to ask her before she goes away so whatever you decide, leave it until after

  • You should just go for it , but make it towards its open
    Like for example before she leaves !! Just tell her you have feelings for her and you want to know what she thinks..
    That way if its awkward you have a Month to make kr less awkward through text message
    Good luck !! And can you please answer mine?


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