HELP!!! Am I boring? Is that why I can't get a date?

I have this friend. He is spanish, a firefighter, plays guitar, sings (not great, but better than me) surfs, likes to write poetry and is somewhat nerdy...he just likes to talk about himself all the time.

I on the other hand have no hobbies, a boring desk job, dont play any instruments, am not artistic. I'm kinda nerdy but what my friend calls "normal nerdy"

I feel boring next to him...I mean people seem to like me...but I don't know why...

I've had one person I don't know tell me she thought I was interestig and it was only cause i like romantic comedies and crossover classic music...and i guess I'm relatively intelligent.

If you want to know about me...ask and help me decide if I'm boring and that's why I can't get a date


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  • YOU think you're boring. THAT is the vibe girls are getting from you, and that's why they're not attracted. Don't compare yourself to this guy! I can honestly tell you that for me personally, your friend sounds like someone who'd be fun to meet on a dance floor and make out with some night, but wouldn't necessarily be a great boyfriend. He sounds like he's too into all the romantic-y non-debate non-intellectual non-practical stuff. I don't gel well with guys who are sensitive enough to write poetry :/ I'm fine with being friends with them, and I might be flattered and have fun flirting with them, but as a boyfriend? *barf* Pardon me. But I couldn't deal with someone like that. My first question to him would be: what books do you like?

    So as for you:
    Don't get all bent out of shape because you don't have curly blonde surf dude hair, a bronzed tan, firefighter muscles, Enrique accent, ride horseback shirtless frequently, and serenade chicks with your awesome guitar skills. Girls like a whirlwind romance like that every once in awhile (why all the cheap romance novels girls love depict hot but brainless overly-emotional oafs)

    You underestimate the attraction of the normal guy! Just do some extra reading. Pick up a couple little parlor tricks (dancing is the best) but just be normal! Find something interesting about your job. Do the stupid little tasks REALLY well and work your way up.Make your life seem interesting by talking cheerfully about the mundane - girls relate to that more than the "your lips are like a rose, and my love is like the ocean" crap haha. We have boring days too ya know! Turn your weakness into your superpower :)


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  • Well, you're good looking and educated. Your friend is a bit out there. I wouldn't date someone like him because it would be too much for me. I prefer the simple life. Everyone likes something different.

  • Okay, first off, most people would seem boring next to your friend lol, and people probably like you because you're cool or nice or smart. But I'm happy to help you decide whether you are in fact boring or not.

    • be fair my friend does brag alot. He has an annoying false modesty that I can't stand.

      So, for the most part I think I'm normal, down to earth. I like new things with an old folk rock music or space western genre of film. I like romantic comedies, but I also like scifi and some anime (though I am picky.) I am a huge doctor who fan ( since it use to air on pbs)

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    • I forgot to add that the kinda dates I like best are just relaxing at home with a pizza and a movie or sitting outside by a fire enjoying the peace with a beer or homemade wine

    • There are plenty of people who enjoy chilling at the house. Actually me and my mom chill at home pretty much every Saturday and watch movies on demand lol

  • I'd say find something you have a passion for and make that your hobby. You brought up homemade wine in one of your responses. If making wine is something you can get into, it will give you something you can share with people.


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