Is he not interested or is he just too shy?

Been dating this guys for about 2 months. 4 alone dates + multiple friend hangouts. 3/4 of the times we have been on alone dates he paid. He asked me out the first time, but since then I've been doing all the asking. I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, I have to initiate all the texts/invites/etc. He never initiates ANYTHING but always replies to my texts in a time manner. He will even apologize if he replies late. Another thing with him is that if I ask him to let me know if he has plans or if we can go out. He says "sure i will let you know" and never gets back to me. However if I say "are you free on day x and 6pm to do this activity" he says yes and comes. So it's like he lacks the complete ability to initiate anything but will always come if i invite him. His friends told me he is shy, and I was willing to put in the effort (never had a gf before, super shy, etc) but I can't keep chasing after someone indefinitely... I need to feel wanted too! Would a shy guy keep going on dates with you out of being polite if he was not interested or is he really interested but just shy to the point of driving a girl mad? When we texts he asks follow up questions, but he is so shy and scared.


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  • Doesn't sound like he is too interested. A interested guy will put forth effort regardless of how shy he is. It seems like he is just being nice to you by accepting your invites.

    Stop texting him for a week and see what happens. No calls, No IG likes, No RT on Twitter, No talking to his friends

    If he contacts you then he misses you which means he is interested... if not move on

  • ok you should message me about this i sound a lot like him except I'm not shy when I'm texting and i initiate stuff... I'm a really shy guy you should probably get the answers from another shy guys perspective


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