He likes me , now what? Help please.

so there's this guy we've been on two dates & I asked him if i could ask him a question ans he said yes ans then i asked if he liked me as more than a friend the next morning through TEXT message to which he responded : I saw this coming ! :D and yes...
He didn't ask me if I liked him back and I didn't say if I did because I didn't want to be pushy...
We flirt and we talk all the time every day.
So next time I see him...what is he going to expect? Would a kiss be appropriate?
I'm 16& he's 17

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  • Dear nest time when u meet if it will not date then adk him to go a place where u can talk with peace like park or etc
    And if u also like him there before starting talk kiss him if he will hold u tighter with passing time then he is the guy u should with

    and if it will be date u should kiss him before starting it
    so thatduring date u both will have time to knpw each other very well

    if u have not very good idea about him then avoid kiss and first know him very well

    and then go with flow
    as said in 1st opinion

    • Thanks ! This helps 😃

    • Ur wc
      dear friend
      stay happy
      and hope u will have bright future with him

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  • Do it! He will be way more attrected in you if you have the courage to do it first!

    • When should I do it? ! ike after the date? Or during?

    • why not both, it's even better for both of you.

  • Yes a kiss would be nice and just let things go with the flow

  • You should initiate the kiss. He would feel like he is on top of the world.


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