Would you date someone like me?

I'm short and fat (not gonna sugar coat it.) 5'2 and 202 pounds. (Btw I'm only 16.)
I have a sense of humor. I'd say I'm intelligent in some ways. Not math.
I'm shy and I'm very awkward. I love movies and music.


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  • You are fine except for the fat part. DO SPORTS eat healthy.

    Reduce the amount of food for dinner.

    Get slim, most guy like healthy girls. Not Fat, not skinny.


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  • Dear yes of course
    a boy will
    but for that u should have lovely and pure heart

    i know how it feels
    i was used to be like that
    now i am having perfect body
    with ful shape

    now read carefully
    u should be more interactive

    and guys who had broken up with their gfs
    Knows that the girl should with pure hearted
    u can be

    but now a days the boys like that are rarely found with out any relationship and brakeup

    but remember trust them
    not blindly but do

    and u will find someone charming

    and also u should starting work on ur body

    u can be the preetiest girl if u want
    U just needed a boost up

    and little hard workout on ur body
    and be free minded tension less
    be the one who listens everyone this is golden key

    so go for it and start it

  • No. Hell no.

    You're 16 :p

    • I'm not an idiot its the truth man. Obese is not a turn on its a turn off. 5'2 is short and 200 lbs is a lot.

    • yeah I was joking about that but in reality the first thing that matters are looks the other stuff is what keeps us with the girl. Girls are the same way looks first.

  • I would probably would date you age aside cause it sounds like your into a lot of the same things that I am into cause I like movies, music, hiking, and sports

  • age aside, if you cleaned up after me and swallowed, I probably would date you.

  • At your age... no

  • Guys don't care about humor. We don't care about intelligence. We care about the girl being fit and hot. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I would not.

    • QA, don't listen to this idiot lol

    • "Guys don't care about humor. We don't care about intelligence"

      That's the part I was referring to.
      That quote is not true.

    • Definitely didn't plan on listening to him haha. Because wow.

  • i would if we were the same age and if you ask me out


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