Have I turned him off bc I wouldn't give it up?

I met a guy online via mutual friends I did add him but in all fairness he started the convo (messaging etc) was forthright about asking if I was in a relationship. Complemented my pics etc etc.
We got along really well and I suggested we have a drink together. When we met up I thought things were good. He was into me we had a great repoire. Not much happened that night. Just kissed kept it brief,
He mentioned we should get together the next week.
Well, He really didn't contact me for days (minus Facebook likes on my status updates) finally checked in and he had a bad week (car accident and stuff) I told him we could hang out tonight if he felt like it and so we did.
Again, good time. He definintly was trying hard to get my clothes off I didn't go for it of course. Im not looking for one nighters anymore.
That was Thursday now its Sunday and he's made no attempt to talk to me (except for all the fb likes again of course)
So is it over? Whats the deal? Does he just want to play?


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  • He might have just been under a lot of stress about the car accident and was looking for some relief from his troubles.Contact him and see whats up.Maybe dinner or drinks.You can let him know you are not looking for a fling, but a decent relationship.He should understand and wait.
    If he is still liking on FB, then he is still following you.Maybe you were a little stern in your refusal, and he is seeing how mad you might be.Sounds like you like him enough to be with him, so go out another time or two before getting with him.Don't play too hard to get, you can say the last guy messed you up and you just want to make sure you two are compatible.

    • thanks. Its just that I am messed up from my last relationship ;)
      I am worried about being toyed with... The last few contacts have been at my initiation ijdk

    • Time will tell, relationships can be tough. How is he responding to your contacts?

    • We spoke last night I was honest he was too. I've been sick with a cold so haven't seen him. But the texts were my initiations (altho he still responds in like half a second) never keeps me waiting.
      I told him Im a bit scared but attracted to him and he says we have good chemistry but he's also trying to work hard right now and that is a priority...
      Anyway, we have no plans ATM just vaguely said wed meet up when I'm better.

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  • maybe you should explain to him what your personal intentions are. let him know you're interested in something more than just a one night stand. i'm sure he's old enough to understand and realise what you're after.
    and if he's not into it, then at least you will know he isn't right for you.