Need Help With A Long Distance Relationship. 3 Year Of Age Difference. Advice? Help? Is this right?

So I'm A 13 Year Old Girl. He's A 15 Year Old Boy. He's Never Asked Or Done Anything Inappropriate. He said he wants to make us work and I do too. 'aloud to drive at the age of 17, so he wants to meet my in about 2.5 years. I need to tell my mother about this, but I don't know if I should wait. I need advice and opinions. Is this right? My mom is 30 and my stepdad is 27, they are 3 years apart as well so its not like its new to her about the age difference. Maybe the distance? We live In the U.S, I'm in OH And He's in Connecticut. Not too far really. I Just need help. I don't want to hear I'm too young because I Know I am. I'll learn from my mistakes i just need advice...

My mom also dosnt like when my sister or I hide things from her...


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  • one your not to young im your age two i think you should tell your mom i mean you might get in troble for some time but in the end it should all work out now on the other hand the more you call him the more hel know you haven't given up on the idea but dont seem overly attached and everything should work out in the long run :)


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  • wait those 2.5 years and see if it's actually going to happen and then tell your parents.

    • I was going to do that but she gets kinda mad when I hide things from her. Thank you though.(:

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